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"This product came securely wrapped….totally in sealed plastic. The bottle has a flip top lid so it is easy to use in the shower. I ordered the 4 oz size which states it is good for small beards. This small 4 oz bottle will last a very long time because it laters well and you only need a very small amount. There is some information on the bottle and it is manly looking you could say due to the black color and gold cap/lid. The aroma is ok.

"Now I tell you, I don’t think my husband really needs a hair growth shampoo for his beard…I think he used it on his head too today. ???? However, I do believe it works well as a conditioner too for your beard because it has argan oil in it along with other good stuff. Some men have problems with beard growth thinner in some areas than others and if so, I would highly suggest trying this product. It appears high quality." -MS. BLUE


"I’ve never used any beard care products before this. I usually just use some shampoo and a ton of conditioner afterwards on my beard daily. No matter how much conditioner I use, my beard always winds up feeling kind of dry and bristly. So I decided to give this Polished Gentleman Beard Shampoo and Conditioner a try.

"This Polished Gentlemen beard shampoo and conditioner does smell pretty good, but is not overwhelmingly powerful. The beard shampoo and conditioner definitely leaves my beard feeling a lot softer than when I was using my previous regular shampoo and conditioner. My girlfriend really likes that I no longer run coarse beard hair over her face when I kiss her now. It is on the expensive side, but seems to be worth it thus far. Whether or not it makes your beard grow better and thicker, I am nor really sure. I have a full thick beard so it’s hard to judge that part of the product. Overall, I would say this is a decent buy even though it’s kind of costly." - MATT


"I thought the product description was funny and very true for our household. My spouse now owns about 5-7 different beard oils, beard waxes, beard shampoo, beard conditioner, etc. This product says you can eliminate all those items because this one item will do everything. We put it to the test. My spouse HIGHLY recommends this beard shampoo containing beard oil. He can wash his beard and it leaves it conditioned enough, so he doesn’t need “beard conditioner or beard oil or beard wax.” I can attest to how soft this has left his beard, so I highly recommend it too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!" - LORINE


"This is a good shampoo from Polished Gentleman. It has Biotin and Tea Tree oil which help reducing the hair loss. I have noticed that my hair loss has reduced after using this shampoo regularly.

"The shampoo smells nice. Since I have been using this shampoo my hair is soft and looks a lot healthier and manageable. It washes out very well and smells so good. My scalp did not itch and my hair was not tangled.

"While I have not seen any real growth, I have definitely noticed that my hair seems to be thicker and just healthier all together. I have used approximately half of this bottle, and thus far am very happy with the results." - KRIS


"Great set of men’s beard shampoo and conditioner. The aroma of both the shampoo and conditioner is a very nice clean fresh eucalyptus scent. The shampoo has a really nice amount of suds that later up really good in the beard. After rinsing all the beard shampoo out of the beard then you add the beard conditioner. Once you rub the beard conditioner all through the beard hair and let it set in for a few minutes you can rinse the conditioner out completely and dry. My Husband used this on his beard and and he approves and said it definitely made a difference in it wild hairs. I approve that it really made his beard looks less crazy and smells so good! Great stuff for any crazy wild beard hair!" - JENNIFER 


"I got this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. It overall has helped with reducing patchiness on his face and even reduced his irritation and ingrown hairs that he would get from shaving. He’s tried a lot more expensive stuff than this but he told me he loves the feel that it gives his face and how much irritation has gone down from what he used to have.

Definitely give this a try if you’re in the need of help growing a beard I don’t know anything about that area of skincare personally but my boyfriend keeps raving about this stuff." - DONNA

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