Beard Bib for Trimming and Shaving


SAVE TIME WITHOUT THE MESS: We get it, remember that one time you got ready for [insert big date, job interview, fighting crime] only to find that your beard wasn’t as glorious as the rest of your attire. You don’t have time to change out of your clothes for a quick trim, let alone clean up the sink. Our beard bib is longer and wider much like a barber's cape so you keep your whole body clean and eliminate any mess to clean!

SKIP THE BARBER AND DO IT YOURSELF, LIKE A REAL MAN: We all love our barbers, but for those guys that need to groom their beard every day it’s just not practical to visit the shop every day. Mornings are hectic, and you need to get out the door quickly with your beard looking its best. Polished Gentleman’s beard bib allows you to do just that regardless of whether you’re shaping your beard with an electric trimmer, scissors, or razor be out the door in seconds with no mess to clean.

A GIFT THAT’S NOT A LUXURY, BUT A NECESSITY: Anybody who’s serious about growing their beard out and shaping it to the perfect length or just maintaining that clean close-cropped look, won’t be able to imagine life without our beard bib. It saves time and eliminates mess keeping your bathroom and your body clean.

HIGH-QUALITY LOW MAINTENANCE: Our high-quality beard bib is extremely durable, lightweight, water resistant, portable, easy to use, and sets up in seconds! Made from the same material used by professional barbers to trap hair and suction cups that won’t unstick! Our beard bib works just like a barbers’ cape covering your arms and shoulders from stray hair so even if you just got out of the shower or are fully clothed for the day you won’t get the mess on you!

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We know you’ll love our beard bib and want you to have the best grooming experience possible. Therefore, we also want to give you peace of mind offering a 30-day money back guarantee—no questions asked.

SKU: PG-bib1
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