Beard Comb & Brush Kit for Men


  • Complete Your Style. Beard shampoo, conditioner, wax & oils are useless unless you comb & arrange it
  • Practical Size. Wooden beard brush & comb that will perfectly fit your bags & pocket of your jeans
  • Confidence Kits. Relax & set your beard to its finest with this original beard care package for men
  • Straighten & Sustain your Glorious Beard. Untangle & groom your goatee with this beard combo pack
  • Lightweight & Sturdy. These mens accessories are designed & crafted w/ premium high grade materials

This is the ultimate solution for:

  • Messy beard shape
  • Tangled facial hair
  • Filthy beard line
  • Untidy cheek Line Cuts
  • Twisted sideburns neck

Benefits of Combing and Brushing your facial hair:

  • Detangles your beard
    – this helps beard to look far better and suave
  • Vitalize Hair Follicles
    – the brush and comb stimulate hair follicles to increase nutrients in your hair
  • Distributes beard oil evenly
    – Combing and brushing your beard helps spread the oil all over your beard and maximize the Oil benefits

How to Properly Comb your Hair:

  • use Polished Gentleman Beard OIl
    – never comb it dry as it will result in dandruff flakes
  • Comb up/down
    – start at the bottom to the top to ensure even distribution of the oil

Styling your beard is no longer as frustrating as a barefoot journey through a kid’s room with legos. Instead, it is quick, easy, and clean—as it should be.

GROOM WITHOUT WORRY. Suit & transform yourself like a gentleman with this mustache brush & comb product

CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION. We guarantee a 30-day money back if you're unsatisfied — no further question

Be a problem solver, a proud beard-grower, a shark-wrangler. But most of all, be a gentleman. A Polished Gentleman.


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