Beard Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner Set



My good man—does your face and beard struggle with dry skin, dandruff, irritated skin, patchiness, or some such affliction? Would you prefer, perhaps, to eliminate the issues and replace them with a most marvelous mane of facial fur, resplendent with softness, shininess, strength, and health?! Well, you’ve come to the right place.

My wonderous and also incredible DandyBeard Shampoo and Conditioner Set is made with Mother Nature’s finest ingredients, selected for their potent powers of persuasion. It’s also free of any dastardly harmful chemicals and pH balanced for ultimate splendidness as well as healing!


dandy beard shampoo and conditioner ingredients

Firstly, let us discuss exactly which most magical and masculine ingredients I’ve included in this particular formula, yes? After searching the world over, traveling by plane, train, camel, and whale, I’ve discovered and brought together for the ultimate in beard health:

  • Manuka Honey: A most magical and rare honey, found only in New Zealand, it has most startlingly potent healing powers, as well as antibacterial, hydrating, and nourishing abilities.
  • Tea Tree: Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, tea tree’s talent is unclogging the pores and stimulating the hair follicles—defeating dandruff where it lives and encouraging new hair growth!
  • Coconut Oil: It hydrates, detangles, nourishes, and protects—oh my! In fact, my good man, it even helps reduce dandruff.
  • Aloe Vera: This little overachiever contains over 75 nutrients with 200 active compounds and is able to be absorbed down through all 7 layers of skin.
  • Apple Stem Cells: The ultimate in rejuvenation, plant-based stem cells are a magical kind of science—repairing, healing, and stimulating new growth to reduce thinning hair. Farewell, patchy beards, farewell!
  • Australian Cehami: This majestic plant is all about calming and soothing irritation, pain, and itching. It also possesses inherent antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and cell regenerating properties.

Your beard isn’t cereal—therefore, it shouldn’t contain flakes! Neither should it be dry or dusty as the Sahara Desert, nor should it be irritated or itchy as if you groom with poison oak.

If you want a majestic man face of fur, then this is the set for you. No longer shall you weep tears of sadness in a futile attempt to moisturize your brillo-pad beard. Instead, use this glorious gift of a shampoo and conditioner set to move mountains AKA empower and enrich that moustache.

Even those with sensitive facial manscapes may benefit—my formula is free of dreaded parabens, sulfates, fragrance, alcohol, and even that wheat protein most despised by hipsters: gluten. In fact, it’s free of any and all poisons, because who wants poison in their shampoo and conditioner? Not I, good sir, not I.

To up the ante even further, I ensure the pH is as balanced as can be, sitting at that level most perfect for skin and hair (which is slightly acidic, or didn’t you know?)—5.5. Yes! 5.5 is that pH level perfect for the skin and hair, to keep the natural protective layer known as the “acid mantle” intact and working hard, instead of hardly working


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