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Anti-Dandruff Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set

  • GET RID OF BEARD DANDRUFF! My good man, our shampoo and conditioner has tea tree oil which is a natural solution to beard dandruff. SAY GOODBYE TO BEARD FLAKES ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  • GENTLY CLEANS YOUR BEARD WITHOUT DRYING OUT YOUR SKIN! Our gentle formula removes the dirt without causing irritation and dryness!

  • STOP THE ITCHING! Natural manuka honey is a natural antiseptic that helps get rid of fungus that causes beard dandruff.

  • DEEP MOISTURIZING! Our formula will deeply moisturize your skin to help rehydrate and protect your skin to prevent those beard flakes from coming back!

  • A MUST HAVE ON YOUR BEARD GROOMING KIT! Keep your glorious beard soft and manageable as it grows thicker and fuller - without itch, dryness and most of all, dandruff free!


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