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    Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    • MY GOOD MEN! The beards have come! Care for them with beard shampoo & conditioner containing my best beard oil! I declare your beard will look like a rabid mongoose no longer!

    • I MUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION GOODMAN. Do you tire of owning 47 different types of beard balm, beard shaper and beard conditioner? Well, I have a solution better than that Trojan horse idea.

    • YOU MAY OWN A BEARD BRUSH, BEARD COMB, BEARD CREAM AND BEARD TRIMMER. These will give semblance of taming your hairy holiness, but I do declare Polished Gentleman will give perfection!

    • STOP LOLLYGAGGING WITH YOUR FACE! Do you even know what’s in your beard softener goodman? You don’t have to be Steve Jobs to do the research. My organic formula will make your beard fuller than a landfill in Northern California!

    • I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU ABOUT FACIAL HAIR GROWTH! Tea tree! Rosemary! Biotin! Aloe! Argan Oil! Peppermint Oil! Manuka Honey  Eucalyptus! I rest my case goodman!



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2227 reviews
    Daniel M.
    Awesome products

    I use it on mustache and hair , it's work better than anything I've tried , I have curly hair , and after using the shampoo and conditioner I don't need any other products in my hair ... awesome...

    Gage P.
    Great Product

    I have been using this product for little over a year now and I absolutely love it! Definitely have noticed a difference in the softness and health of my beard.

    Mark L.
    Awesome product

    the only problem the conditioner is great but difficult to dispense from bottle

    Ben K.
    Huge transformation in my beard

    My beard 3 weeks ago was like a ball of steel wool, wild and just down right a mess. I actually considered just shaving it off and restarting (my beard is every bit of 6-7 inches long) . Today it’s a completely different beard. So much softer and definitely looks and feels healthier. At any given time of the day I can run my beard comb thru it and NOT A SINGLE Tangle. I am 150% satisfied with the POLISHED GENTLEMAN products.

    Nice product

    Does the job. Beard is softer after the shampoo and conditioner. Would purchase again.

    Robert P.A.
    Great buy!!

    Gotta say it feels great after a wash!

    Robert V.

    Okay I love it and also love the fact that it’s cruelty free. You guys are awesome.

    Nice, soft beard. Which is nice!

    I got this because i really wanted to max out on my beard this year. I work partially in the elements, so having facial hair is important.So i bought this fine product. It was unscented, and left my beard super soft.Thing is, i have to mask up at work because of the covid, so i kept my beard short.I'm in a never ending fight of using this, and trimming my beard! HELP!

    Amazon C.
    Great product

    My boyfriend uses this on his beard and it’s amazing and soft.

    Paul L.
    gotta try this conditioner

    The shampoo did the job, but I especially loved the conditioner. Made my beard and mustache feel silky

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