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    What the Gentleman and Their Ladies Are Saying

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    True Gentleman

    Indeed, you are as gentlemen! Equally as refreshing as the products you offer is the quick and attentive customer service one receives! Attentiveness inspires customer loyalty, and bearing that in mind, I will be calling on your services in future!

    5 Star Products

    I have searched for some excellent beard products. I found them with your establishment and products. I am learning how to keep my beard groomed and nourished. I have found my beard care specialists Thank you for being available.

    I like it.

    Your product is great it got to me will fast.

    Cannot review being that there is no product to review!!! Gift for husband and it has yet to arrive:(

    Awesome products!!!!

    I am so happy that I found this company. Their products work wonderfully on my beard and mustache. I plan on buying more of their fine products.

    Polished Gentleman Products

    First of all I am no longer a youngster, as I am 77 years old. Down through the years I have used many different hail, beard, and skin care products with varying results, but never before have I been as satisfied and happy as I am now with the Polished Gentleman beard shampoo and conditioner. It is absolutely top of the line in all ways. I want to thank the entire staff of Polished Gentleman for the fantastic product that you are producing. Cheers!!!

    No flakes

    No flakes amazing y'all .


    Used everyday works very well .

    Best I've used so far

    Got the shampoo and conditioner as a gift last year and I haven't stopped using it since!

    Very Good product

    Works great

    No more dandruff flakes after 1 use. Highly recommended product.

    Quality products

    I am very happy with the quality of their products. My beard and mustache look, feel, and smell great!!

    Anti-Dandruff Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    Great product

    Great product.. HOWEVER, wish you would sell the 16oz conditioner by itself. I dont use the shampoo but I have to buy the set in order to get the conditioner in 16oz. I have a 14 inch beard... I need the 16oz size. Just dont need the shampoo. So I have five unopened bottles of the shampoo that will unfortunately go to waste. Wish you guys sold 16oz conditioner only

    Good item

    I love this item, it work very well. Will purchase more soon.

    Smells good thanks

    Awesome stuff

    Anti-Dandruff Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    Best on the market. Highly recommend

    Best on the market. Highly recommend

    Great Product

    Beard feels clean and full. It is growing faster too!

    they asked me to rate

    It works okay.

    Great product

    Great product

    Performs as advertised.

    Performs as advertised.

    Finally a product for me!

    As a guy who has struggled with a thick/curly/wavy/difficult beard for years, I has given up hope on finding a solution for my constantly cracking, split beard hair. My beard was honestly dryer than a nun in a desert. But then I came across this miraculous product and my life has become exponentially more enjoyable.

    My follicles no longer hurt from pushing out these tree trucks I call beard hairs. My beard feels lush and healthy now rather than course and cracking. But the best part of this product is that it doesn’t feel greasy and oily like other products I’ve used.

    If your face is in constant agony from the sheer level of testosterone that our beard produces, I highly recommend this balm. Seriously.

    Best Shiz Out There.

    Hands down best stuff I've used after trying probably 6 others. I don't have a real thick beard, so it's difficult sometimes to get it to lay down and not snip a lot of hairs off to get the desired look. What I have found with this product is that it has a high wax content compared to others, which helps the beard stay put once the wax ingredient dries back out on the beard (a blow dryer actually helps do that haha). Great moisturizers in it for the face under the beard too. I'll probably order 10 cams of this stuff when I feel like spending $100 bucks, just to make sure that I have a bunch in case of the product being discontinued.