All In One Beard Comb and Mustache Tool

$19.99 $12.99

CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GENTLEMANLINESS. It’s a fact. Don’t let your beard continue to look like a werewolf at that time of the month—with this most marvelous of Beard Combs.

EASY, AS IF IT’S SUNDAY MORNING. Because saving time and preventing hairy messes every time you pull out your grooming kit, trimmer, comb, or brush shouldn’t be difficult. It should be simple yet miraculous, not to mention serendipitous.

GROOM WITHOUT WORRY. Whether you wish to look like a gentleman, a Viking, a wizard, or all three, this Beard Comb helps even the manliest of men keep things tidy.

COMPLETE YOUR SET, with this wondrous Beard Comb! You have the oil, balm, wash, conditioner, shampoo, and wax, and now all those products will stay where they belong—on your beard!

TREAT YOURSELF OR ANY MAN IN YOUR LIFE by helping all gentleman everywhere take care of their bearded glories the right way—with the gift of Polished Gentleman!

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